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Curly Hairstyle Ideas For The Lazy Natural

hairstyle ideas for curly hair

When you’ve been natural for as long as I have, you learn to embrace the beauty of laziness… well, at least when it comes to hairstyling!

We all have those days when the snooze button wins or the thought of washing our hair feels like an Olympic feat.

You know what they say, the laziest worker, is the best worker, because in the world of lazy beauty, there’s a silver lining: lazy curly hairstyles.

Yes, you heard that right! Those effortless, yet stylish looks that can save you from the dreaded wash day or the hours spent in front of the mirror.

As someone who has mastered the art of procrastinating wash days and loves to disguise it with a cute and easy hairstyle, I’m here to guide you through some fabulous options.

From messy buns to chic half-up styles, we’ve got you covered with a variety of looks that are perfect for embracing your curls on those “I can’t be bothered” days.

So, if you’re ready to elevate your lazy hair game and add some flair to your natural locks, let’s dive in!

Tutorials for these hairstyles can be found on my Instagram account, be sure to hit follow for even more curly hairstyle ideas.

Sleek Down Pineapple

curly hairstyle ideas

One of my favorite hairstyles when wash day has been put off for a while now. I love to put my hair up in a pineapple and sleek down the hair in the front for a more polished look.

Top Knot Bun

curly hairstyles ideas

A variant of the first hairstyle, this is another favorite. I love to put my hair into a top knot if my hair looks exceptionally dry, yes I too let my hair get that bad.

Half-Up-Half-Down Braid Out

lazy hairstyle ideas

For this cute hairstyle, put your hair into a few braids the night before and then slap on some cute braids the day of. When you take out your braids you’ll be left with a cute hairstyle that you can clip up into a half-up-half-down style.

This also works for twist-outs.

Double Pigtail Braids

lazy hairstyle ideas

Put your hair into two pigtails, and put the pigtails into two different braids, leaving out a few curls here and there for a boho look.

I love to use my eco-styler gel for this hairstyle, and some mousse on the braids for some moisture.

Pineapple With Bangs

hairstyle ideas for curly hair

Another variant of the classic pineapple. We naturals love a good pineapple. I added a headband with this look because my hair was too long for bangs so I had to make some makeshift bangs.

Low Puff With A Scarf

curly hairstyles ideas

By far the easiest hairstyle on this list. You just put your hair back into a low puff, no seeking needed because you’ll hide all the imperfections with your scarf.

Top Knot WIth Braids

lazy hairstyle ideas

Put your hair up in a bun and slap some braids on the top. This hairstyle is that easy, and it looks so cute.

Boho Jumbo Cornrows

lazy hairstyle ideas

Can you tell I love the boho look? Add some flair to a boring cornrow look by adding in that boho look.

And there you have it – a collection of lazy curly hairstyles that prove you don’t need hours of styling or freshly washed hair to look fabulous.

Whether you’re hitting the snooze button for the third time or simply want to give your hair a break, these hairstyles are your go-to solution.

Remember, beauty doesn’t always have to be high maintenance; sometimes, it’s about embracing the effortless charm of what you already have.

If you’re eager to learn how to recreate these looks step-by-step, head over to my Instagram account where I’ll be sharing tutorials to help you master each style with ease.

Let’s continue to celebrate the beauty of simplicity and the joy of a cute, easy hairstyle – because who says being lazy can’t be stylish?

Until next time, stay fabulous, stay lazy, and keep rocking those curls!


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