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Should You Be Using Eco Gel For Styling Your Natural Hair?

eco gel for natural hair

As a long-time natural hair girlie, I’ve experimented with countless styling gels over the years in search of the perfect balance of moisture, healthy shine, and strong holding gel.

With so many gel options, Eco style gel has remained a staple in my natural hair care routine.

Despite the chatter within the community about the gel not being the best to use on your natural hair, I’ve always loved this product, and think it’s here to stay, for me at least.

Why Eco Styler Gel?

For natural hair enthusiasts seeking a superior hold, gravity-defying styles, and a healthy shine, Eco Styler Gel is a great option. All the styling gels are infused with a variety of ingredients, like pure olive oil, hydrolyzed wheat protein, black castor, and rare oils like argan oil from the argan tree.

It’s a powerhouse blend that caters to a diverse range of hair types. With different gels offering maximum hold, strong holding capabilities, and brilliant shine, Eco Styler Gel offers something for every hair type and all hair styles.

A Closer Look at Eco Styler Gel Variants:

  1. Eco Styler Professional Styling Gel with Argan Oil: (My Personal Favorite)
  • Ideal for both wash n’ go styles and slicking down hair.
  • Enriched with natural argan oil, this gel not only provides maximum hold but also nourishes and conditions your hair, leaving behind a brilliant shine.

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  1. Ecostyler Professional Styling Gel Krystal:
  • Perfect for achieving sleek, defined styles.
  • Its crystal-clear formula offers the strongest hold and control over frizz, making it a go-to choice for those seeking precision in their hairstyles.

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  1. Eco Styler Gel with Pure Coconut Oil:
  • Designed to infuse moisture into your strands while delivering a firm hold.
  • Ideal for combating dryness and achieving styles with a natural, healthy-looking shine.

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Why I Choose Eco Styler Gel:

eco gel for natural hair

While it’s true that some members of the natural hair community have shifted away from Eco Styler Gel, I remain a loyal advocate of this trusted product.

My empty container serves as proof for my love of this styling gel, and I find myself reaching for a refill without hesitation. The truth is, no other gel I’ve tried provides the same level of hold, control, and versatility as Eco Styler Gel. Then again, maybe I just need to try more gels.

How to Use Eco Styler Gel:

  1. Start with wet hair to ensure even distribution of the gel.
  2. Apply a minimum quantity of Eco Styler Gel to each section of your hair.
  3. Use hair tools like a wide-tooth comb or Denman brush to distribute the gel evenly and define your desired style.
  4. Experiment with different variants to discover which one works best for your hair type and preferred style.

FAQ About Eco Gel For Natural Hair

Q: Is Eco Styling Gel good for natural hair?: Yes, Eco Styling Gel is great for natural hair, offering superior hold and brilliant shine with ingredients like pure olive oil and argan oil, it is alcohol-free.

Q: How do you use eco gel on Afro hair?: To use Eco Gel on Afro hair, start with wet hair, apply a small amount evenly throughout, then use a wide-tooth comb to style as desired for maximum hold and frizz control.

Q: What is the best styling gel for natural hair?: When you ask me, which you are, the best styling gel for natural hair is Eco Styler Gel, but there is no best gel for natural hair. Always listen to your hair and use the products that best suit you.

Q: How do you apply gel to natural hair?: To apply gel to natural hair, start with damp hair, section it, apply a small amount of gel to each section, then use hair tools like a Denman brush to distribute evenly and define your desired style for a gravity-defying hold.

In a market saturated with styling gels claiming to offer the strongest hold or maximum moisture, Eco Styler Gel has still held true to being a great styling gel.

With its own moisturizing system, natural ingredients, and commitment to quality, it’s no wonder why it remains a staple product for so many in the natural hair community, including myself.

So, if you’re in search of a styling gel that delivers on its promises, look no further than Eco Styler Gel – your hair will thank you.

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